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General Injury Information for Coaches 

(The following is informational only and NOT considered Medical Advice)


The first line of defense in the treatment of athletic injuries is to prevent them. This is accomplished by a well planned program, competition among athletes with equal ability and size, proper warmup and adherence to the Laws of The Game. Other factors that can lead to the prevention of injures:

  • Proper use of equipment (shinguards, no jewelry, uniforms designed for climate)
  • Continuous upkeep of the playing surfaces. (Coaches should notify the VP or Travel Director with any unsafe field conditions immediately)
  • Proper fitting shoes, proper type of shoe for surface.
  • Ample water supply and breaks to rest players.
  • Avoid scheduling training during the hottest periods of the day and when there is intense humidity.
  • Full rehabilitation of initial injury prior to returning to play. 
  • US Youth Soccer - Injury Prevention and Care


ALL COACHES MUST HAVE A FIRST AID KIT AND ICE PACKS WITH THEM AT EVERY GAME AND PRACTICE!  If you need additional items, please contact the equipment manager immediately.


Who do I contact if an injury occurs?

  • Coaches should immediately call emergency services for any serious injury.  
  • ALL injuries should be documented by the coach and sent to the division coordinator or travel director.  The coach must also follow up with a phone call or email to the player regarding the injury.  
  • Parents not in attendance must be notified of injuries.


What coverage is available for Coaches and Players?

1. General Liability Benefits (Overview of coverage)

  • Liability for bodily injury or property damage to spectators, game participants, and to members of the general public for activities sanctioned by Connecticut Junior Soccer Association. 
  • Liability for outdoor fields owned by affiliates for its sole use while acting on behalf as a member of the state association. 
  • Fundraising, meetings, awards banquets.
  • Activities necessary or incidental to the conduct of practice, exhibition, post season and scheduled games.
  • Liability for false arrest, detention or malicious prosecution, libel, slander, defamation of character, or wrongful eviction.
  • Hired and non-owned auto, while being used in the business of the named insured. Excludes coverage for any driver transporting athletic participants.
  • Products liability for food or drinks sold on premises.
  • Medical Payments $5,000 (non-participants).
  • Host Liquor liability for banquets and meetings.


2. Accident Medical Expense Benefits & Accidental Death and Dismemberment (Overview of Coverage)

Insured persons are covered for injuries resulting directly and independently of all other causes from accidents occurring while 
participating in the following covered activities:  Scheduled games, team practice sessions, tryouts or sponsored activities provided they are under the direct supervision of a team official; or sanctioned local or national tournaments as a member of a contestant team.  Organized and supervised group travel as authorized by the Policyholder directly to and from a covered event.

What Is Not Covered
The plan does not provide coverage for: ntentionally self-inflicted injury, air travel except as a fare-paying passenger on a 
regularly scheduled airline on a scheduled flight, injuries resulting from other than covered activities, loss resulting from sickness or disease, except bacterial infection which occurs through an accidental wound.

Excess Coverage 
The participant accident medical expense insurance is provided on an "excess" basis. This means that after the insured player or 
coach has been reimbursed for medical expenses by other insurance programs, and after the deductible has been satisfied, the 
Youth Soccer Accident Medical Expense plan will pay up to the maximum Medical Expense benefit for remaining treatment, service 
and supply expenses. These other programs include group, blanket or franchise health insurance coverage, group hospital or 
medical service plans, and prepayment coverage; any coverage under labor-management trustee plans, union welfare plans, 
employer organization plans, and coverage under any governmental programs, coverage required or provided by any statute, and 
automobile reparations insurance (no-fault) coverage.


In the event of an injury requiring medical treatment, you should contact the division coordinator or travel director and complete the following two (2) forms:

1. Verification of Insurance Eligibility Form

2.  Accident Claim Form-2015-2016

3. CJSA Insurance FAQ's


** Players returning from serious injuries or those with braces, casts, etc. are required to provide medical clearance to CSC.  The referee will inspect casts, braces, etc. and determine if they are safe to play. **


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